Log Buffer #67: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Oct 19, 2007 / By Paul Vallee

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Hello everyone,

I think this will be a great log buffer.

Dave has been sick these past two days and as a result, we do not have a comprehensive log buffer ready the way we or a volunteer usually do. This was bound to happen to log buffer at some point and today it has happened.

So I had two choices – cancel this week’s log buffer, or try to make it great despite this adversity. Never one to accept defeat easily, I’ll go for the second option. At least if this is the lamest log buffer ever it won’t be because I didn’t try something new that had a shot at a good result.

So this week’s log buffer is as follows: If you came here to read interesting content from the database community, you probably spend some time each day learning and reading about things we would all find interesting. We are counting on each and every one of you, our faithful readers, to propose the one article you read in the last week (and preferably was written in the last week but I can’t exactly be choosy at this point can I?), and include a short paragraph as to why this article was interesting to you and why it should interest us. Do this in the comments to this post; the akismet spamfilter will tend to eat comments with URLs so please include the magic word “contribution” somewhere in your comment so I can go dig them out for approval.

Feel free to link to your own blog posts if you are proud of them. It is a carnival of the vanities, after all.

A typical log buffer gets over a thousand reads over the week it is active. I am going to call this experiment a success if there are at least 25 interesting links written by the community posted below! And if there are not, well it was worth a try and much better than saying it was canceled.

And so this will be the first log buffer truly written by the readership – join us to make it a good one!



Get well soon, Dave

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