Looking for BigData, NoSQL or Exadata slides?

Feb 14, 2012 / By Gwen Shapira

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It was fun presenting today at Portland and I’m looking forward to continuing my user group marathon at Denver tomorrow and on Thursday.

Since many people asked me where they can find my slides, and I predict that few more will keep asking about them over the next few days, I uploaded my Big Data and NoSQL presentations to SlideShare. You can find them here:



I had issues uploading my Exadata slides, but you can view my colleague, Marc Fielding video presentation on this topic in YouTube. It is pretty much the same content I presented in Portland:


See you in Denver.

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2 Responses to “Looking for BigData, NoSQL or Exadata slides?”

  • The LinkShare presentation is good. Thanks for posting it.

    Linkshare happens to be one of the two (sum total) customers to whom found fit to recommend Exadata. Exadata was a good corollary to what they already had in place (the Woodcrest Xeon-based 17 node DB2 cluster) but offered a higher degree of availability. I’m glad they have been successful.

  • Oops, crucial typo. “whom found fit” should read “whom I found fit”

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