Looks like Larry will be talking about X with HP

Sep 24, 2008 / By Paul Vallee


I’m sorry if everyone else knew this already, but I just noticed the following from the Live Keynote page (click on Larry’s keynote to see it):

Larry with HP about X

So Larry will be joined on stage by bigwigs from HP.

You will remember that HP bought Polyserve, Kevin Closson’s clustered file systems company, a little while back.

No coincidence, I think, but as we know from multiple sources, Kevin is now at Oracle as an Architect on this new technology that Larry is announcing.

At first I thought the HP keynote was one of those big-pay vendor closers. But now, with it being one session in the Live View, and what we’re starting to learn about the likely nature (storage) of the innovation, the following snippet can easily be re-interpreted (interesting bit in my bold):

Transforming Business and Technology Today and Tomorrow
Innovation is the lifeblood of information technology, but businesses are far more selective today in the kinds of technology they will buy and deploy to ensure they remain competitive. They’re looking for practical innovation that will optimize business results such as lowering IT costs, reducing risk and improving growth and profitability. Come learn about HP’s customer-focused innovation, including investments in research, product development and advanced services that have increased energy efficiency, provided new approaches to datacenter transformation, and also given us new advances in internet technology that are shaping the future of enterprise IT. Also highlighted: the joint innovation that HP and Oracle are delivering to their customers around the world.

Ann Livermore | Executive Vice President, Technology Solutions Group, HP | Biography [+/-]
Mark Hurd | Chairman of the Board and CEO, HP

The pieces are coming together. Stay tuned as I will be writing further about this as the keynote begins.

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