Lucky Winners of the Exadata Flight Giveaway

Sep 21, 2010 / By Marc Fielding

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Congratulations to Chris Marlowe of Oppenheimer Funds and Bill Mitchell of Alliant Energy, attendees to my Exadata session yesterday.  Both are lucky winners of the a flight with the inimitable Sean D Tucker and the Oracle Challenger.

For those of you who missed the session, keep your eyes on this blog for a recording, coming soon.

Here’s a recording of what our winners might be getting into.  Bring a barf bag, guys!

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5 Responses to “Lucky Winners of the Exadata Flight Giveaway”

  • Uli says:

    Very cool, i wish i could be on that plane…looks totally crazy ;)

  • Bradd Piontek says:

    Bill Mitchell, srsly? I used to work with Bill at Alliant. LOL

    • Bill Mitchell says:

      Most fun I’ve ever had. After some formation flying the 2 planes split up and did some simple things, including teaching us how to do loops – I did 2 of them. After a while the 2 planes formed back up and started to head back; I asked my pilot (Brian Norris) if it was too late to do something fun. He said, “Really?” We turned around and really went to town – upside down, stall into a dive, etc. Still haven’t gotten the silly grin off my face. Thanks again Pythian!


  • Chris Marlowe says:

    The flight was amazing! It’s hard to believe the airplane can do some of those maneuvers that seem to defy physics. The pilots were very brave to let me take over the stick and do some of them myself!

  • […] looks like our lucky recipients of plane rides with Sean D. Tucker had a great time. Pictures are below. Thanks again to Team […]

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