Meet the First Oracle ACE Director in MySQL — Sheeri Cabral

Apr 6, 2010 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Sheeri Cabral - The First Oracle ACE Director in MySQL I’m excited to share the news that Oracle ACE program has been extended to cover MySQL community now and Pythian’s Sheeri Cabral has become the very first Oracle ACE Director in MySQL expertize area. It’s a special privilege for me to blog about it because I had a pleasure to nominate Sheeri in the first place. Being an Oracle ACE Director myself and knowing what’s involved, I believed that if Oracle ACE program is extended to MySQL, Sheeri must be the number one candidate.

It’s impossible to overestimate Sheeri’s role in the MySQL community — her advocacy for the technology and commitment to building and supporting the community. She’s been presenting about MySQL countless number of times and been actively involved in several community projects and organizations. She blogs frequently and with passion. It’s no surprised that Sheeri has been awarded MySQL’s Community Advocate, Communicator and Facilitator of the Year for two years in a row (2007 and 2008).

Sheeri has already been engaged in Oracle ACE activities when she co-presented with Oracle ACE Director Dan Norris during Oracle Open World 2008 — So You Want to Be and Oracle ACE?. Back then, Sheeri shared what it means to be a truly community advocate and contributor, regardless which technology you are using. Now that Oracle and MySQL database technologies live under the single umbrella, I’m very excited to see that communities are uniting as well.

I know that there are more excellent candidates for Oracle ACE program so if you think of someone, read the guidelines and nominate that person. Oracle ACE program does look for more MySQL participants. Remember that Oracle ACE program is about recognizing community contributors and advocates — see Oracle ACE program FAQ for more details on how nominations work.

Sheeri, congratulations and welcome to the Oracle ACE program.

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