My Agenda for AUSOUG Conference in Perth

Oct 28, 2012 / By Yury Velikanov

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There is a very strong Oracle Community in Perth, Australia. I admire many Perth-based Oracle User Group volunteers who organize such great Oracle events year after year. This year is no exception. I just spent 30 minutes going through the program, and I should say that the lineup of speakers is very impressive.

Here goes an Oracle geeky DBA schedule for AUSOUG 2012 Conference in Perth.

Day One

10.30 am-11.15 am: Stirling A, Fahd Mirza Demystifying Working of DBRM with IORM in Exadata
11.30 am-12.15 pm: Stirling A, Arjen Visser Understanding the 3 Oracle logical replication concepts
2.00 pm-2.45 pm: Stirling A, Peter Sharman Management in the Cloud
3.15 pm-4.00 pm: Swan, Connor McDonald Partitioning 101
4.15 pm-5.00 pm: Stirling B, Gavin Soorma Upgrade with confidence – 11g Optimizer Plan Stability

Day Two

8:45 am- 9.30 am: Swan, Tom Kyte What I learned at OOW 2012
9.45 am- 10.30 am: Stirling A, Yury Velikanov Sharing experience implementing Direct NFS
11.00 am- 11.45 am: Stirling B, Scott Wesley A foray into APEX mobile
12.00 pm-12.45 pm: Stirling A, Connor McDonald SQL tuning 101
12.00 pm-12.45 pm: Swan, Graham Wood Active Session History (ASH)
1.45 pm-2.30 pm: Pinnacles, Peter Sharman Making the most out of your testing – how to ensure higher quality for your Oracle applications
2.45 pm-3.30 pm: Swan, Tom Kyte What’s new in Oracle database Application Development
3.45 pm-4.30 pm: Swan, Connor McDonald Analytic functions in SQL
3.45 pm-4.30 pm: Stirling, B Chris Muir Develop Mobile Apps for Smart Devices: Converging Web and Native Applications

Thank you MATES for organizing it once again. It is my great pleasure to be part of it.

A very special thanks goes to Scott Wesley, who spent his own time and helped the conference participants. He put together an APEX-based scheduler available here. He writes that “this is currently a demonstration application only, and is not directly affiliated with AUSOUG”. Thanks Scott. I have used your work to put together this blog post.


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