MySQL 2010 Conference – Day 2

Apr 14, 2010 / By Robert Hamel

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We started with the morning keynotes again today and I was a little surprised at the snipping going on while people are promoting their products it felt very counterproductive and will end harming the MySQL eco system. The Community Keynote on the other hand looked into the future for itself under the Oracle umbrella. Its still remains to be seen what form the conference will have next year.

The first session that I attended today were around MySQL partitioning in the beta releases and beyond. They were saying the right things but it remains to be seen when some of these features will be available. I would hope that the engineers responsible for MySQL partitioning have a little talk with their Oracle counterparts which have been at it for quite a while. They should sync the features up which would make it easier for us multi-disciplinary DBAs

The next set of sessions were on IO bottlenecks, MySQL data warehousing and finally Danil’s Security session. I picked up something that I didn’t know in all of them making them all worthwhile.

I spent a fair bit of time with the column store vendors to talk about my latest data warehouse project and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to kick the tires on one of them if time permits.

Finally there was the Ignite session that just finished a few minutes ago which was quite entertaining with lots of nice rapid fire topics.

That’s all for today…Last day tomorrow

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