MySQL 5.5 is now in RC, and will be GA soon!

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Earlier this year, the beta of MySQL 5.5 was announced.  We all felt excited about the changes in 5.5, especially the large performance improvements.  However, many of us proceeded with caution; version 5.4 was previously announced with similar fanfare and we had yet to see a GA version.

Well, Oracle has indeed put its money where its mouth is.  In the MySQL Sunday keynote today, Thomas Ulian (VP of Product Development for MySQL) announced a release candidate version of MySQL 5.5 and said that a GA release of 5.5 was coming soon (maybe by the end of the year?).

Oracle promised that they will continue to improve MySQL and invest more time and money than Sun did.  Throughout the past 6 months we have seen this happen in significant but small ways — MySQL had monthly releases before the Oracle acquisition, but the number and quality of fixes has increased.  This was noted as recently as a month ago in a blog post by Percona’s Baron Schwartz and Facebook’s Mark Callaghan confirmed his opinion in a comment on that post.

As Oracle ACE Directors, Ronald and I were privileged to hear all the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne announcements ahead of time.  Though we heard a lot of exciting stuff, MySQL was not mentioned, so we were not briefed ahead of time about this announcement.


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