Quiet Release MySQL Plugin — Bug Fixes

Dec 11, 2012 / By Alex Gorbachev

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This is just a small bug-fix release of the plugin. It has actually been quietly released for a while now. If you have downloaded the plugin recently, you have the latest version. To be sure, check the version in the Console, or you can see it in the file name.

There are two bugs fixed:
1. Deployment on an OMS hosted on Solaris didn’t work. (And I suspect it could be the same for Agents on Solaris.)
2. Changing thresholds on the metrics caused the error “Modification of Target Monitoring Settings has Failed”. Also, applying monitoring template was failing for the same reason.

If you didn’t know that you could setup threshold and customized the thresholds that are set out of the box with the plugin, then you are not fully using Enterprise Manager. You can do that in the MySQL target menu — Monitoring -> Metric and Collection Settings. When alert or warning conditions are met, Oracle EM can raise incidents and send notification according to your settings. As I stated above, had a bug that prevented users from changing the thresholds.

Same known issues exist as for release.
Useful links:

Follow the same deployment procedure for upgrade — (1) import into EM12c using EMCLI, (2) upgrade on OMS by deploying on OMS, (3) upgrade on Agents byt deploying on agents.

Happy monitoring!

6 Responses to “Quiet Release MySQL Plugin — Bug Fixes”

  • Is is “Quite release” or “Quiet release”?

    Or maybe it was not really quite a quiet release? :-)

  • Rob says:

    This is excellent, Alex. Fixed the metric and template issues I has having with the previous version. And works with both OEM and Nice job!

  • Spiker says:

    Hi Alex,

    we are using your MySQL-Plugin with Cloud Control and are really excited.
    Sadly, there is one problem. The monitored MySQL databases logs a warning in the error log every five minutes:
    [Warning] Aborted connection 7011 to db: ‘unconnected’ user: ‘our_user’ host: ‘our_host’ (Got an error reading communication packets)

    Perhaps, is there a missing close_mysql_connection or something else?


  • Spiker says:

    Hi Alex,

    solved it. I omitted the REPLICATION CLIENT right. We doesn’t use replication, so i thought this user right isn’t necessary.


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