MySQL’s SQL Deviations and Extensions

Jun 28, 2010 / By Sheeri Cabral

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Today at Kaleidoscope I will be doing a 90-minute session comparing MySQL’s SQL syntax to the ANSI/ISO SQL:2003 standard, entitled What Do You Mean, “SQL Syntax Error”?

You can download the PDF slides now.

For those that may be following along the presentation later today (4 pm Eastern time), here are some links that I may throw out during the session:

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2 Responses to “MySQL’s SQL Deviations and Extensions”

  • EMComments says:

    “… and cannot be republished.” Actually it looks like it has been – see

  • Sheeri says:

    EMComments: That link is exactly the same link I posted. It’s not the final draft. Here’s the caveat from the page itself:

    “Information taken from the Final Committee Draft (FCD) of ISO/IEC 9075-2:2003. However, the page numbers and some section titles (9.14 through 9.23, for example) are from the final standard. This means there could be other as yet undiagnosed differences between the final standard and the notation in this document; you were warned! “

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