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Mar 25, 2008 / By Vasu Balla

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My name is Vasu Balla, and I’ve been with Pythian for about four months now. I have worked on Oracle E-Business Suite instances for over five years, and I’ve never had a moment where I felt bored.

I am constantly challenged with new technologies and new issues, and my Pythian team’s clients continue to present interesting issues. The most difficult are the ones that are very intermittent or not easily reproducible. If you try to get answers for these kind of issues from Oracle Tech Support by opening a SR, your chances are next to none. Our team recently encountered an issue a client had had with Oracle Configurator for two years. They had followed up with Oracle Tech Support for over a year and had eventually learned just to live with the problem. When Pythian came in, we were shocked to learn the history of the problem. It turned out to be one of the most exciting problems we’ve resolved.

I am new to blogging, but quite experienced in reading blog posts. My Google Reader collects over 100 articles per day, mostly around my interests, which are:

  • Oracle 11i E-Business Suite Advanced topologies
    • Hardware Load Balancing
    • DNS based Load Balancing
    • Jserv Load Balancing
  • Oracle 11i SSL Implementation at Load balancer level
  • Forms load balancing using Jserv + forms servlet mode
  • Oracle Concurrent Managers PCP setup
  • Oracle 11i Apps with RAC configuration

Signing off, now — with a promise to post some interesting stuff on topics such as these. Stay tuned.

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