NoCOUG Contest: the Perl Dark Horse Entry

May 31, 2012 / By Yanick Champoux

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So NoCOUG announced its third international SQL & NoSQL challenge (look at page 25 of that pdf) earlier this week. Yay!

As I did last year, I tried my hand at forging a Perl solution for the challenge. Just to, y’know, peer-pressure my colleagues a little into entering the fray.

As it happens, this week is a little…intense, $work-wise, so I wasn’t able to polish my solution into pure howling madness. But I daresay the work-in-progress that I have is still worth a few cackles, although you shouldn’t take my word for it. Here, I’ll let you be the judge of it:

die@$_ for

And I just saw on the NoCOUG page that there is an additional rule document with some more attendance rules.


Looks like my job is not done, here…

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  • […] Last time, I produced my traditional golfed solution for the annual NoCOUG contest. As I mentioned at the end, the actual challenge calls for a more generic solution than originally described in the magazine. Because there is no glory in half-solving a problem, I had to come back to it. And because the Great Karmic Balance could probably use it, I thought I could take advance of the broader scope to produces a solution more geared toward elegance and modernism. […]

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