OOW10 Bloggers Meetup… and the winners are…

Oct 18, 2010 / By Vanessa Simmons

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I’m happy to announce the winners of this year’s t-shirt and creative blogger’s contest at the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Annual Bloggers Meetup.

Thanks for your patience (Chet)…. drumroll please….

1. As mentioned earlier, in Log Buffer #203, Asif Momen, of the Momen Blog was the big winner of the HP X310 DataVault. Asif, let us know how you’re enjoying your prize! Thanks again to HP! Asif is pictured below, and I apologise for cutting off the top of your head (was focused on the tshirt…)

HP X310 DataVault Winner!

HP X310 DataVault Winner!

2. Although there wasn’t as much participation as I had hoped for the creative blog post contest we have not one, but two AppleTV winners to announce:

Winner #1: Sunil S. Ranka for his post: Mapping the Maze, Online Bloggers to Real World Faces: Pythian Blogger Meetup at OOW10. Sunil purely had the most names used in his review of the meetup, but also took the time to provide additional background on the peers he met. Sunil was a finalist in the T-shirt signature contest – he’s pictured below in the lineup – far right (from the back). Refer to Chet’s post below for the front view.

And secondly, how could we not award prize to Mr. Chet Justice, Oraclenerd for his entertaining, 5 part series from the meetup. Definitely an “A” for effort – could you tell he really wanted the AppleTV?



And yes, I did laugh (cough up the $10 – or beers on you at OOW11), and for the record – I never cheat :)

A few more parting shots:
Creative Note Taking

Alex G & friends T-shirt finalists

See you all next year.

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