OOW11: Exalytics Hits The Stage — In-Memory Analytics

Oct 2, 2011 / By Alex Gorbachev

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News from Oracle OpenWorld flor…

What is Exalytics?

It’s a BI appliance machine — it’s like an application middle tier for complete Business Intellegence data warehousing solutions. You put it in front of Exadata and users get all the tools to work with that data – analyze, predict, run reports and etc.

Exalytics is a server having Oracle BI Suite, OBIEE, side by side with Essbase. OBI works with relational data warehouse like Exadata.

Exalytics features Essbase that can pull the data from Exadata and use its in-memory analytical capabilities to give users richer functionality. This is something which SAP HANA seems to target as well. Real-time analytics.

I’m still not sure how TimesTen fits here but we will learn soon.

It’s one server with 1TB DRAM and four 10 core Xeon CPUs. Of course InfiniBand to connect to Exadata back-end.

My note from the LJE comments – go easy with in-memory data compression – it’s expensive to decompress it each time.

I’m interested to see how Exalytics handles unstructured data analysis.

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One Response to “OOW11: Exalytics Hits The Stage — In-Memory Analytics”

  • cgswong says:

    I think the TimesTen piece would come in as it does before Exalytics got announced. An in-memory cache for the database where you don’t even need to go to disk, providing the quickest response time. I guess we will know more tomorrow.

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