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Jan 27, 2010 / By Paul Vallee

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So, a quick update on the Pythian/Oracle partnership, and what it’s like to be an OPN Platinum partner.

So far, it’s been really worthwhile.

And in under a month from the signing, Oracle has begun sending us amazing quality leads! The first was a doozie, an email made it’s way to us with the subject “OPN Solutions Catalog Message – Request for Information” and sure enough, inside was the full contact information for a prospective ISV partner who is looking for a collaborator to launch a managed service to their customers for operations support on their data-intensive systems. AMAZING!

And, I must say, the OPN group at Oracle are really a class act and know how to get a partner excited about working with them. In the mail today, we received a very nice box and in an unboxing moment that beats the iPhone or Nexus One … well it had no ninjas but it did have a beautiful magnet-latch lid! Inside was a lovely OPN Platinum partner plaque with a plexi stand, a letter of welcome to the programme, and a really cool OPN Platinum Partner grommet-sign tied in a red bow. Impressed!

Pythian OPN Partner Plaque

We owe this to our VP BizDev Pete Ling of course, so here’s a gratuitous hero shot of him holding his prize:

Pete Ling holding his OPN Platinum Plaque

Pete Ling holding his OPN Platinum Plaque

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