Oracle patchset is out

Dec 5, 2006 / By Marc Fielding

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My colleague Vamsi Chikkam noticed that the Oracle patchset has been released for Linux and Windows 32-bit. The major bugfixes are the same as my original post with a few additions:

  • Identical SQL run in different schemas may modify the wrong schema’s tables (bug 5458753)… we have run into this problem at a client site and it’s not pretty. Workarounds include qualifying schema names in SQL and one-off patches for MetaLink note 329673.1 has more details.
  • When cursors are being reloaded frequently in the shared pool, PLS-306/ORA-1722/ORA-1858 errors can occur (bug 4752541)
  • Under Windows platforms, triggers referencing :NEW/:OLD using NCHAR/NVARCHAR character sets can error out (bug 5388136)
  • The same issue as bug 5388136 above also causes compilation errors on databases upgraded from previous releases under Windows(bug 5383828)

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One Response to “Oracle patchset is out”

  • Noons says:

    I’ve seen that 5458753 problem since, in Linux!
    Been trying to find any reference on it for ages, thanks for this post.

    Unbelievable that such a BASIC security flaw is in Oracle’s code all the way
    to 10gr2 and NO ONE has fixed it yet except, presumably, in the 2.0.3 patchset!

    About time Oracle started fixing the basics of their flagship product rather than spending their R&D in flights of fancy and “flavour of the day” technologies!

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