Oracle 10g Release 1 is Out of Premier Support

Feb 4, 2009 / By Alex Gorbachev


According to Metalink Note 161818.1 Oracle Server (RDBMS) Releases Support Status Summary, Premier Support of Oracle 10g Release 1 ends in January 2009, which means that those of us supporting Oracle 10.1 databases have less support from Oracle from now on.

During the Premier Support time-frame, Oracle is committed to providing interim patches for the most current patchset (and if you can persuade them, even for older patchsets). Oracle 10.1 is only supported as part of Extended Support, a purchasable option providing customers with an option to get one-off patches for their critical issues.

You are still able to log a Service Request against Oracle 10.1 release, and Oracle might even be able to open new bugs and suggest workarounds—but don’t expect much enthusiasm from Oracle Support. The good news is, if you are still on 10.1, you can and should use this as a weapon in your arsenal to argue for an upgrade to 10g Release 2 or even 11g.

We still have few 10.1 databases amongst our 100+ clients (granted, only few), and this helps to make the decision. Unfortunately, the current state of economy doesn’t help to push an upgrade project; but <shameless_plug> you know where to got to get cost effective help with Oracle 10g and 11g upgrades. Don’t you?;)</shameless_plug>

At the moment, my team is upgrading two clients from 10.1 (one RAC and one cold failover on a Solaris Cluster). What’s the state on your side? Any 10.1’s still kicking around? Is management receptive to the upgrade ideas? Speak up!

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3 Responses to “Oracle 10g Release 1 is Out of Premier Support”

  • Robert says:

    Does Oracle 7.3.4,, counts here? :) the reasons, many… not technical by the way.
    Unfortunately, the current state of economy like you said helped to close a big project to upgrade 9i DBs to 10g because it was to expensive.

  • They count even more but persuading to upgrade *very* old version is tougher. If a company has been sticking with Oracle 7 for a while there must be a very strong (not necessary valid) reasons to do so.

    re 9i -> 10g: now it might be a good time to advocate to jump directly to 11g as it gets adopted more and more.

    Thanks for stopping by Robert.

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