Oracle Enterprise Manager 10GR3 to be launched March 13

Feb 22, 2007 / By Paul Vallee

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Sorry if everyone else already knows this, but I just got some Oracle spam inviting me to EM 10GR3 launch party, and it’s scheduled as a “live online launch” on March 13, at 9:30.

Join Oracle President, Charles Phillips, and SVP of Applications and Systems Management, Richard Sarwal, for the live launch of Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 3, and learn about its unique, top-down application management capabilities. Find out how you can improve quality of service, lower data center management costs, and improve application performance via this unique management approach.

So those of you who are waiting with bated breath for the DST projects to be over now have something else to look forward to a couple days later!

Note: I edited this article post-publication to clarify that it is in fact EM not DB 10GR3 being released. Thanks Niall, sorry everyone.

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3 Responses to “Oracle Enterprise Manager 10GR3 to be launched March 13”

  • That’s the launch of EM 10gR3 not the database.

  • Paul Vallee says:


    So much for that speed-reading course I took! :-) Turns out you do miss key elements.

    I’ll edit the main body to avoid confusion.

    Thanks Niall

  • Since we talking about it… OEM is actually out for a while and we installed it for one pilot project with one of our client.

    What’s new? You’ll be surprised – Upgraded from to went SMOOTHLY! Robust upgrade and installation procedure is the most desirable feature for most of us who happen to administer it.

    I’m particularly interested in extensibility features and I know that OEM 10g R3 has target specific jobs defined. It’s promised also to improve the documentation significantly but so far it’s still in the edit more as far as I’ve been told.

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