Oracle Connects Big Data to Medium and Small Data

Jan 11, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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With the announcement of the Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle also comes up with some really cool technology stack which is being termed as Oracle Big Data Connectors (OBDC). This piece of software can be used with both Oracle Big Data Appliance and other Apache Hadoop-based systems.

Among other things in OBDC, There is this Oracle Loader for Hadoop which uses MapReduce processing to load data efficiently into Oracle Database 11g and speeds up the loading by using the Oracle’s internal formats. This should be the big incentive and relief and a very solid business rationale for the decision makers to try out No SQL technology with their existing infrastructure.

The main reason of fast adoption of Exadata (Medium data)  in the businesses is it’s ease and speed by which it gets connected to the OLTP (Small Data). Both of them run the same Oracle 11g. Now with these connectors, its’ easy to integrate the NoSQL (Big Data) with these small and medium data sources.

Integration with scalability and interoperability are the keywords here.

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2 Responses to “Oracle Connects Big Data to Medium and Small Data”

  • Gwen Shapira says:

    Just to be clear: The Oracle Loader for Hadoop connected Oracle to Hadoop (duh!) not to NoSQL. NoSQL is an additional and separate database on the Big Data machine.

    Also, I wouldn’t categorize Exadata as “medium” and Hadoop or NoSQL as “big”.

    Exadata, Hadoop and NoSQL are all used for Big Data, it is just different types of big data. Relational, unstructured and key-value.

  • Nigel Thomas says:

    Really, Oracle? OBDC was the best you could manage? How confusing (with ODBC).

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