Oracle Ebusiness Suite 12.2 Online Patching Feature

Nov 18, 2011 / By Vasu Balla

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On October 27th Oracle hosted a webcast of Sysadmin-oriented Preview of EBS 12.2. It was an enlighting webcast, which gave a very good idea about things coming up in Release 12.2. Today I want to discuss about one prominent feature of upcoming Oracle E-Business suite Release 12.2, which is Online patching feature. Below the screengrab of a slide from presentation gives a nice overview of the feature.

12.2 appltops

Oracle introduced redundency at the filesystem level also. There will be two appltops , two common tops, two inst_tops, two 10.1.2 oracle homes and two Weblogic oracle homes. One of the filesystem will be called Run Edition and other the Patch Edition. Online users will be served using the Run Edition and when we apply a patch using adutilities, it will update the Patch Edition. Once patches are applied successfully to Patch Edition, the DBA needs to switch the Patch Edition into Run Edition. After the switch is done, the DBA needs to synchronize both the Filesystems.

At the database level, this will use 11g new feature called “Edition-Based Redefinition”.  It will maintain different version of packages in the database, facilitating online patching feature.

We all know how difficult it is to rollback a apps patch in 11i & R12.1. Oracle will now support rolling back of a patch in R12.2 and this online patching enables that. Only downside of this feature is, it will use double the disk space on the server.

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