Oracle Enterprise Manager For Linux and Windows 32 bit

Oct 31, 2007 / By Alex Gorbachev


I’ve got notification of new download on OTN. Here is the link to OEM download page with is for Linux x86 and Windows x86. Other platforms should be available upon release on the same page. I think I also saw it on in my Google Reader mentioned but today I couldn’t find it.

We are rolling it out for one Oracle Agent installation with one of our clients today – let’s see how it works.

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2 Responses to “Oracle Enterprise Manager For Linux and Windows 32 bit”

  • Gregory says:

    I’ve just finished with the upgrade of my production OMS ! Went as easy as click/click/click ! And there is (Administration Tab) and new Data Masking section that seems free (I disable all the packs to makes sure and have still been able to use it).

    From the release notes there is not that much new database feature support. The only thing I really like is that you could push info directly to Oracle Metalink with OCM ;-).

  • Gregory said that he successfully upgraded Grid Control to today for one of our clients. Worked flawlessly. I suspected it was a “bug” in because upgrades were very smooth. I was afraid that Oracle could “fix” that in

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