Oracle Open World Day 2

Oct 2, 2012 / By Michael Abbey

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Some people call it day 1, but the user group forum on Sunday was so packed with information that it is really day 2. The exhibit hall opened naturally on Monday and the chachka-hunters were out in force. I did my customary vendor hall walkabout with Greg for a bit, and it was pretty much same-old, same-old. I did not recognize all the booths, but the ever-popular perennial vendors were everywhere.

The evening was occupied by the Friends of Pythian event, and it was well attended by colleagues, partners, and client representative. There is a theme to the feedback I have received so far from customers I have had the pleasure of seeing at OOW. I am told they are more than pleased with Pythian’s service delivery and have swarms of compliments to deliver. It is possible that the flavor of their feedback is partially tainted by the fact that we are face-to-face. With that said, I know their bottom-line is one of satisfaction.

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