Oracle RAC SIG Web Seminar — RAC Connection Management

Sep 11, 2008 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Oracle RAC SIG web cast presented by your humble servant. Don’t miss it today! You can register on the RAC SIG web-site. This is a longer than usual session (90 minutes) packed with details of connection failover, load balancing and implementation details.

The session starts later than usual — 1pm PDT or 4pm EDT. However, I will have to wake up at 4am here in Sydney, Australia. Besides being way too early for me, it would be the first time I present in the form of a web cast. I’m somewhat worried that I won’t actually see the audience and there is no immediate feedback link but I guess I will have to assume that nobody is snoring. ;-)

That’s all folks. Can’t write too much rumblings here — I’m way too busy these days settling Down Under… settling down Down… eh, you know what I mean. See you on the web cast!

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One Response to “Oracle RAC SIG Web Seminar — RAC Connection Management”

  • Done!
    There were about 50 people on the web cast, which is a very good number historically as I understood. Now, the question is how many of them would listen something from me again. ;-)

    Anyway, it was a bit unusual to keep talking 90 minutes into the phone device. There was public chat where I suggested to ask the questions and I would try to notice them during the presentation. However, when I’m in presenter mode in PowerPoint, I don’t see the chat window so I had to move the mouse to the top of the screen periodically and I wasn’t very consistent on that so I missed context for few questions but in the end almost all of them were followed up. Except one large and, actually, too difficult to answer. I’m looking forward to get it by email.

    Boy, do I enjoy the coffee now!

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