Oracle Setting High Naming Standards

Sep 7, 2010 / By Yury Velikanov

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Hello Folks,

As part of my preparation for the Exadata OCP Exam – Oracle Exadata 11g Essentials (1Z1-536), I was reading through the “Oracle® Exadata Storage Server Software User’s Guide” (not available publicly at the moment as far as I know). I found that in the Exadata world the two famous events “db file scattered read” and “db file sequential read” that cause so much confusion in Oracle DBAs’ minds are renamed to “cell multiblock physical read” and “cell single block physical read” accordingly.

Hopefully Oracle will port those events’ names to the RDBMS world as well in version 12c.

PS: I passed the Beta exam this morning. As with any beta, Oracle will release results after a period of time. ETA: 3-5 weeks from now.

Stay tuned, more info is coming,


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