Oracle: The Yankees of software?

Jun 28, 2005 / By Paul Vallee

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Much like Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has spent a lot of money—with not much to show for it. Oracle won a hostile takeover bid of PeopleSoft late last year, thereby eliminating a key competitor. The company also came out on top in a bidding war with rival SAP for retail software firm Retek. But despite all of this activity, Oracle’s stock remains lodged at roughly the same level it was at when the company first announced the PeopleSoft bid almost two years ago. On the other hand, shares of SAP have gone up nearly 50 percent.

Some analysts do predict that Oracle’s luck is about to change. With the company poised to report its fourth quarter sales and earnings on Wednesday, Oracle is expected to show strong results. read article.

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