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As part of a project of Technocation, Inc I took a whole bunch of videos at OSCon 2008. The conference was about a month ago, and about 2 weeks ago I’d finished processing and uploading all the videos, but it was only today where I had the 5-6 hours I needed to finish posting all the video, and making this matrix of video.

The video may not be the quality that the O’Reilly folks took and put up on blip tv’s OSCon site, but all the videos here are freely downloadable or playable in your browser.

Note that currently all the videos are in .wmv format; I know that’s a common complaint, and I have just acquired software that will allow me to export into different formats. If folks would like to convert formats, Technocation can host the video (to save bandwidth). Also if you have video you’re willing to share, please comment here (and if you’d like Technocation to offer downloads of it — they have tons of bandwidth — please get in touch).

(you may need to scroll down to see this table, my apologies)

Advocating Software Freedom by Revealing ErrorsBenjamin Mako Hilldescription14:01188 MbDownload/Play
Annual Frank Willison AwardPython Foundationdescription7:30105.4 MbPlay
Cloud Computing with Persistent DataJean-Paul Bauerdescription26:11283 MbPlay
Does Open Source Need to Be Organic?Brian Aker, Rob Lanphier, Stephen O’Grady, Theodore Ts’odescription37:35270.52 MbDownload/Play
fork() && exec(): Spawning the Next Generation of HackersNathan Torkingtondescription19:28223.25 MbDownload/Play
Exceptional Software Explained: Embrace ErrorRobert “r0ml” Lefkowitzdescription285.68 Mb20:02Download/Play
Google O’Reilly Open Source AwardsGoogledescription193 Mb13 MbDownload/Play
history.forward()Sam Ramjidescription17:45223.65 MbPlay
How Free Software Can Drive InnovationMark Shuttleworthdescription1:00:00298 MbDownload/Play
An Illustrated History of FailurePaul Fenwickdescription31:12309.51 MbDownload/Play
The Internet is an Ogre: Finding Art in the Software ArchitectureTerry Chaydescription49:20355.06 MbDownload/Play
Language Inflection PointTim Braydescription15:40180.64 MbDownload/Play
Learning From AirportsJeremy Rustondescription6:50100.24 MbDownload/Play
Load Testing Using PerlHomer Hummeldescription34:12247 MbDownload/Play
Moblin, Linux for Next Generation Mobile InternetDirk Hohndeldescription13:14195.6 MbDownload/Play
Open Source on the O’Reilly RadarTim O’Reillydescription22:43330 MbDownload/Play
OSCon AnniversariesPeter H. Salusdescription16:04232 MbDownload/Play
Open Invention Network and Its Role in Open Source and LinuxKeith Bergeltdescription14:41215.56 MbDownload/Play
Open Voices (Legal Panel)Jim Zemlin, Keith Bergelt, Karen Sandler, Phil Robbdescription26:33286.43 MbPlay
Perl Lightning TalksMany, see scheduledescription01:28:00257 MbDownload/Play
Privacy and SafetyChristine Petersondescription13:29175.57Download/Play
Safe Data is Happy DataJosh Berkusdescription48:04345.95 MbDownload/Play
State of … Lightning TalksMany, see schedule (in the “info” section)description01:05:00360.56 MbPlay
Supporting the Open WebDave Recordondescription13:08178.4 MbDownload/Play
Three [Social] ChallengesDawn Nafusdescription12:53160.19 MbDownload/Play
Temporally Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming In Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic Parallel Timespaces…Made Easy!Damian Conwaydescription1:04:00464.3 MbDownload/Play
Top 10 Scalability MistakesJohn Coggeshalldescription54:23300.84 MbDownload/Play
Why Whinging Doesn’t WorkDanese Cooperdescription28:18215.46 MbDownload/Play
White Camel Awardsdescription63 Mb4:26Download/Play
Why Drizzle? (zinger, lightning talks)Brian Akerdescription7:47115.33 MbDownload/Play

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Thanks, for the effort but the sound quality is just awful. The internet is an ogre presentation is impossible to listen to sadly :(


That was a tough presentation because the camera was way in the back. Check out some of the other presentations, the sound quality is much better on most of them.


Take the ‘s out of the table to shove it back up the page.


that should read ‘left angle bracket’br’space”forward slash”right angle bracket’ — oh, the semantics of the semantic web 2.0


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