Attended UKOUG Tech13 and Oaktable World UK

In cold, yet dry Manchester’s winter, it was quite thermal to simultaneously relish the meritorious UKOUG Tech13 and elite Oaktable World UK 2013 conferences. Pythian’s presence was overwhelming at both congresses. Paul Vallee, Alex Gorbachev, Elliot Zissman, Luke Davies, Paul Logan, Maris Elsins, Marc Fielding, Christo Kutrovsky and Michael McKee rocked the events.

How to recover a subset of an Oracle database

Today’s blog post will discuss how to recover a subset of an Oracle database. Many of you would have come across different recovery scenarios, but I’ll be talking about a very different one that happened to me. The following are the details after receiving a call from a client, and checking the environment myself. i) This…

Online Storage Migration without ASM

I recently blogged about Playing with ASM Online Migration and still soul searching from not having jumped on the ASM band wagon. How can online storage migration be performed before ASM came about? One option is using Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and I will demonstrate: Display Volume Group [root@lax ~]# vgdisplay –verbose vg02 Using volume…

SQL Server 2012 – Installation Failed

Today I will discuss a strange SQL Server installation failure scenario,where the setup was failing with a misguided error message. This blog post will be helpful in avoiding any SQL Server installation issues due to bad media if the steps mentioned are followed properly. This will be helpful when one ISO file is used for…

Increasing the availability of your clustered instance using CSV

The new face on SQL Server 2014, the “Clustered Shared Volumes” technology, or simply CSV, is not that new in the Microsoft world. CSV was used to make the Virtual Machine management easier on Windows environments, facilitating the access to VHD files through a shared and accessible to all nodes volume. Supported from Windows 2008…

Missing UKOUG Tech13 — But Still in Manchester at OakTable World UK 2013

This is the first year since 2006 that I don’t present and don’t attend UKOUG Technology annual conference. Sad but I had to withdraw because I didn’t believe UKOUG has been making the right choices in the past little while. The trigger was the introduction of the limit of six presentations per company to present at the conference which I believe doesn’t really serve well the conference attendees nor my company that I’m so passionate about nor my colleagues that I’m so proud to work with.

SQL Server 2014 CTP 2 – Installation

SQL Server 2014 CTP 2 was already announced, which is available now for download as a community technology preview. You can now download SQL Server 2014 CTP2 from This post covers a step-by-step installation guide of SQL Server 2014 CTP 2 with screen shots. Future release or final release may not be exactly same…

Batched Table Access

When I first saw the suffix BATCHED in an Oracle execution plan from 12c, I was curious to see what is hidden behind and how it works. I had some spare time for testing and wanted to share my findings with you here.

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