Enable JServ Logging Without Bouncing Apache

It is quite common for Oracle Tech support, while troubleshooting any 11i E-Business Suite Self Service Applications (SSWA) related error messages, to ask to enable debug logging in JServ configuration files. The procedure we followed here saved us a complete bounce of Apache, but unfortunately, for changes in jserv.conf to take effect, we still need a complete Apache bounce. This trick will only work for files,,, and

MySQL Charging for Features? ZOMG!

They charge for some of their products because without money, they cease to exist, and then even the free version stops being developed on. “A necessary evil” is a dangerous phrase, and can lead to a slippery slope….but in this case, I do not envision that it is a big problem. Maybe I will regret saying this if things keep getting more and more closed, but I do not believe so.

MySQL Sandbox: Easily Using Multiple Database Servers in Isolation

Why the sandbox? To be able to set up 1 server in under 10 seconds. And to be able to set up multiple MySQL instances very quickly, and to use them quickly. The sandbox untars in seconds, for installing alternative servers, not main instance, it creates a separated environment (datadir, port, sockets) — for groups of related or unrelated servers. Really good for testing out new server versions. Save yourself some time and read this post to find out how to automate MySQL Sandbox!

Arrived at COLLABORATE 08

I’m at Collaborate 08 in Denver right now.My presentation, Oracle 11g New Features Out of the Box, was originally scheduled on Thursday at 9:45 AM but due to participation in the speaker panel ,”To RAC or Not To RAC: What’s Best for HA?”, it was rescheduled to today, Wednesday, at 4:30 PM. I’m off to the Carol Dacko’s presentation about DBMS_XPLAN now and looking forward to show up at the RAC SIG Birds of a Feather later today. Stay tuned – more to come…

SQL Server Procedure Cache: More Relief on the Way

SQL Server 2005 brought some relief in the form of the Forced Parameterization database option, and SP2 took things one step further with better throttling of the cache… but it’s still not enough. We want a knob! The bad news: We’re not getting quite the knob I was hoping for. The good news: SQL Server 2008 will include an sp_configure option called “optimize for ad hoc workloads”

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