Falcon Transactional Characteristics

It’s time to continue our series on the transactional storage engines for MySQL. Some might question why I even include Falcon because it is very much beta at this time. MySQL, however, has made quite an investment into Falcon, and while it is currently beta, the code is improving and it looks like that it will be production-worthy when MySQL server 6.0 hits GA. I am going to concentrate quite a bit on the Falcon/InnoDB comparison as that is what everyone wants to talk about. This is despite my having heard MySQL employees repeatedly make statements to the effect of, “Falcon is not going to replace InnoDB,” or “Falcon is not competing with InnoDB.” Well, take that with a grain of salt. It certainly seems to me that they are competing for the same spot.

MySQL User Group in Malta

That’s right. MySQL now has a user group in Paradise. I am always looking into connecting with other MySQL professionals, to share the laughs and tears, and to enjoy what we love working with every day, MySQL. I have always wanted to bring us all together, and I thought that this would have a good chance of doing so.We will be having our first meeting in Mellieha, and please RSVP to me personally via email, westerlund (at) if you want to attend.

Good SQL Querying

By “Good SQL Querying”, I am not referring to “how to make your queries more perfomant.” I am about to go on a mini-rant about how to make readable and self-documenting SQL queries. One practice that will get me instantly going on a rant is using a comma join. There is NO reason to do the following….

“It’s Not Dead, It’s Just Resting!” a.k.a., MySQL, Ethics and Death

if you’re just looking for stable, recent, binary MySQL Community release, you might not find it. MySQL offers two out of three — stable and binary Community releases. Not recent, but I think it’s okay to charge for the most up-to-date version. In my experience only about half of the production environments out there have switched to 5.0, and many are running 4.1 and 4.0 still.

ORA-01450 During Online Index Rebuild

We hit an ORA-01450 error today trying to do online rebuild for an index in an unusable state. This was a non-unique index on a fairly large column — VARCHAR2(800 CHAR). It rang a bell. I remembered that I encountered this issue a while ago, but I couldn’t recall the details. I know that it has nothing to do with the actual data size — it’s an error that can occur during index creation.

MyISAM Statistics Gathering

So, how does one gather statistics on indexes? With InnoDB it’s one thing, with MyISAM it’s another thing. This post however, will focus on MyISAM. There are various ways, each having their own drawbacks and positive sides.

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