Oracle Silent Mode, Part 1: Installation Of 10.2 And 11.1 Databases

This post is the first of a series of ten posts that will explore some of the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI), Network Assistant (NETCA), Database Creation Assistant (DBCA), Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA), and many more syntaxes you can use to script or speed up Oracle Installations. Let’s start with covering the Installation of 10.2 And 11.1 Databases.

When FLUSH LOGS Fails Silently

In the case when the error log writes to a non-default path, FLUSH LOGS actually does not work as specified for the error log. I have not seen issues with binary logs in non-default paths, but we just ran into this issue on a client site and it threw us for a big loop. The bug description is here…

What Does Open Source Mean?

At last night’s event, a lot of the questions were really implicitly asking, “Is open source better? Why?” The first answer everyone comes up with is that it’s free, and that’s better. However, that is neither necessary nor sufficient to deem it “better”. Let me explain….

MySQL Focuses on Community

When Steve Curry contacted me just after the MySQL Conference and Expo asking me if I’d be interested in a community roundtable, I was excited. However, a few weeks ago it seemed like the event was more of a PR gathering than a community roundtable. I was disappointed, and told Steve as much. And then, one of two things happened…

Open Source – The Foundation of Civilization

In interesting news, at last night’s Boston Sun/MySQL event (more on that in another post), the question was asked if the panel thought that Microsoft was really serious about open sourcing their software(s) and what that would mean for open source software. If Microsoft opened all of their code tomorrow, how big of a *developer* community would they have? By that I mean, how many people would say “yeah, all right! I’m going to make this code better!” and how many would take a look at the internals and feel like they’d just been on a roller coaster? Open source is the foundation of civilization. The title of this post mentions that, and now I will explain why.

Oracle Open World 2008 Sessions — Vote on Oracle Mix

I just wanted to make a quick note that Oracle Mix organized an interesting hybrid between call for papers and abstract judging. Anyone registered at Oracle Mix can propose a session abstract to present themselves or as an idea for others. Everyone can give their votes to the proposed sessions. At the end of the voting deadline (25th of June) Oracle will select the top sessions to be included in the Oracle Open World schedule.

Emacs Keybindings in Bash

With Bash, or any other shell that uses the GNU readline library, you can use the following Emacs-like key-chords to make your life better. The point of this (as with so many things sysadmins and programmers do) is to save you effort, viz. typing. These aren’t all of them; they’re the ones I use…

BigTable Thoughts

So, Paul’s blog post pointing to Todd’s blog post got me thinking. The main point Paul summarized was that duplicating data was a great way to scale, and used Todd’s reference to Flickr and how in their partition-by-user scheme, they put a comment in the commenter’s shard as well as in the commentee’s shard.

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