Bad SQL or MySQL Bug?

One of my colleagues made a typo in a query today that led to me discovering this issue — I think it’s a bug, though it may just be how the language is defined. But certainly a subquery that cannot run should not act as if it returns TRUE. Part of me thinks there’s an implicit join going on or something, but I’m not sure how that’s working. Have a look.

How To Identify the Database Links of a Failed Refresh Job

I have a client with refreshes scheduled using MV refresh groups, and it took me a while to recall the view name, asking around and RTFM’ing. Since this situation comes up regularly, I wrapped up a quick script that parses job content, takes in account MV refresh groups, and outputs the database link(s) involved. I think it could be useful to few others so here it goes.

Rajaraman’s First Law: More Data will beat Better Software

After the interesting comment storm on Doug’s blog when he posted some of Tim Gorman’s comments on the value of data in his career experiences as compared to the value of the applications manipulating that data, I hesitate a little to post this. But, I can’t stop myself because it’s such an interesting insight! So here it is!

Simple MySQL Proxy Failover

I spent way too long figuring out code that would simply load balance based on, always go to one server, go to another server only when the first server is down., again running into the problem where the manual hasn’t been updated. I have made a Forge snippet of this code, but it does not hurt to post it here.

Minimal Logging Basics and SQL Server 2008 Enhancements

After spending a long time on a project for a client that does a huge amount of data movement using SELECT INTO, I posted a Connect item asking for an enhancement where a minimally-logged insert would be available from a SELECT doing an INSERT into an existing table. One day the item was updated with a comment: “This is targetted to be available in SQL Server 2008.” I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant until the last few days, when Sunil Agarwal posted a series of three posts describing the enhancements to minimal logging in SQL Server 2008 — including the ability to do a minimally logged insert via a SELECT, to an existing table!

3 Tips on Using dg4odbc on 64-bit Linux

I recently imported the contents of an Oracle 8i database into an 11g database. After following the instructions for a typical setupI set up a database link to a remote SQL Server database, and called it SQLSERVER.. It turned out that dg4odbc has “hard coded” the quotes and this will need to be changed in odbc.ini. I should have looked more closely at the installation instructions — yes, the example shows QuotedId=Yes.

Unintentional Googlewhack Leads to MySQL Bug Report

While doing a standard audit for a new client, I recommended a few changes to get better performance. Because I had several changes, I used the documentation and found that innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit is a dynamic variable. I was surprised, because most operations dealing with file sizes and operations are not dynamic. So I searched for others who may have had the same error, and ended up getting an unintentional googlewhack.

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