Hotsos Symposium 2008 — Still On

The symposia is still ongoing and my head is slowly filling up — relieved from my presentation, finally, I’m able to focus on others’ sessions. I attended Wolfgang Breitling’s presentation on “Active Statistics”. He provided a lot of insights into statistics gathering options and emphasized lots of new features in 11g. Have a look at my post to read about some of the other great presentations I attended.

Oak Table Network

I’m a member of the Oak Table Network now! I’m so delighted and proud to be the part of that group and also very grateful for the invitation to join those bright people.

MySQL Partitioning

I’ve been setting up partitioning for various customers lately. The goals primarily have been easy purging of large growth tables and keeping indexes small enough to stay in memory and manageable. These have all been range partitions on dates, which is a rather common requirement. As you’ve probably noticed in previous posts, I absolutely hate…

Hotsos Symposium 2008 – The Before

First of all “the before” time is over — I’m done with my presentation. It’s been the first slot of the day — 8:30 and Cary Milsap was presenting in another hall so what chances do I have to get people in? It turned out that some people actually did show up and quite a few considering the circumstances. To find out more about the other great presentations I saw today keep reading. If not, stay tuned — more to come.

Working from Oracle HQ

What I’ll be doing in the next five days is kind of a secret. Unfortunately, that’s all I’m allowed to tell you, except maybe that I know many people who would love to be in my shoes this week.

Webinar: Applying the supply management promise to IT

Courtesy of our friends at Oracle cost containment company Miro Consulting, I am giving a webinar tomorrow at 1pm EST (click this link for the time in other timezones please. The subject I’ve chosen is how to apply the best practices around advanced supply management that are extremely successful and mature in the product supply chain world to the equally extremely immature practices we typically find in enterprise IT supply provisioning. It should be a great presentation; I give an overview of the famous “Toyota Way” and cover some recent findings from the California Management Review as well. Keep reading for a full overview.

Off to Hotsos Symposium 2008

Last year’s Hotsos Symposium was the first for me. These were exciting few days and I fully enjoyed the conference. I’m very pleased that this year I’m going to Dallas again but this time in the new role — I’m doing a presentation on Workload Management in Oracle RAC. I don’t need to tell you what Hotsos Symposium is about — if you are on this blog, you should know it already. 3 days of high quality presentations and endless networking opportunities where you can share your ideas or concerns and get your questions answered. Keep watching for updates.

How to Rename a Copied or Cloned ASM Disk Group

ASM is definitely one of the coolest technologies inside the Oracle Database. On the other hand, the ability of the storage arrays to provide a read/write access to a copy or a “snapshot” of its content is something we can easily leverage as an Oracle DBA. For a couple of weeks, I wanted to copy a database stored in an ASM Disk Group with one of those storage technologies and mount it on the same server; unfortunately, this is not supported even with The good news is that I finally overcame all the obstacles to do it in a specific case. This post relates a couple of the tips I used to get to that result.

MySQL March Boston User Group + MySQL/Sun Mashup World Tour

The March 2008 Boston MySQL User Group meeting will have a *brief* workshop on what types of applications are good for applying MySQL Cluster technology. This is a stop on the Sun/MySQL mashup world tour, so don’t miss out on plenty of swag. That’s right, food, folks, fun and free stuff! We will be meeting on MIT campus, close to Kendall Square on the Red Line (subway). There is plenty of free parking. For more information read this post.

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