8 for 2008

Well, Paul Vallee tagged me, and as I haven’t yet passed my probationary period I should probably answer the call…..Eight things about me that aren’t common knowledge:

Web Crawling 1.0

n Stuffing Six Million Pages Down Google’s Throat, Tim O’Reilly brings up a point, and some questions. . . just how poorly the big search engines index small sites with large collections of data . . .But it’s worth thinking about absolute (and temporary) limits to the growth of Web 2.0. What constraints do we take for granted? What constraints are invisible to us? Read more.

Oracle 11g: Another New SQL*Plus Command

I have been using this (see post) SQL*Plus command for a while now, and guess what? It doesn’t work with 10g.I thought MySQL was trying to become as big as Oracle but it could be that Oracle is trying to become as cool as MySQL — it has had something like this for a long time!

Oracle Standby Recovery Rate Monitoring

Do you need to know why the standby periodically lags during the day, if the standby redo apply rate lag during the day and when, or how fast is the current archived redo log being applied? If you answered yes to any of these look no further. The following SQL script will help you answer these questions.

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