Oracle Standby Recovery Rate Monitoring

Do you need to know why the standby periodically lags during the day, if the standby redo apply rate lag during the day and when, or how fast is the current archived redo log being applied? If you answered yes to any of these look no further. The following SQL script will help you answer these questions.

Oracle, Sun, MySQL: A Grand Conspiracy?

At the risk of making it seem like this is all we’re talking about here at Pythian, here we go again. Paul Vallee pointed me towards this article by John Dvorak that more or less echoes a blog post I wrote in French the day previous for my personal blog that you can read here. So, first things first, Dvorak’s article leads me to think my theory is indeed wrong: if Dvorak says I’m right ; I’m afraid I’m wrong.

Springsource CEO pontificates on the Sun / MySQL deal

I’m sorry that I haven’t commented on the BEA acquisition. It’s just been too obvious for too long, I can’t get excited even though it’s really really big. Manifest destiny manifested, that’s it. On the other hand…Tip of the hat to Lucas Jellema at AMIS who posts his own commentary on the acquisition and also provides this great find where Springsource CEO Rod Johnson comments at length on the deal.

OurSQL Podcast Interviewing Brian Aker — Ask Questions

t 2 pm EST (-5 GMT), OurSQL will be interviewing Brian Aker, MySQL’s Director of Architecture, about today’s announcement that Sun Microsystems bought MySQL. If you have a burning question (about the purchase), please comment here. If you’d like to be identified, please leave your name and where you’re from in your comment

I’m not worried at all. I think it’s great that Sun just bought MySQL for $1bb

The only criticism of the SUN/MySQL deal I could possibly give is that MySQL is still on the early phase of an exponential adoption curve and I think they’ve got lots of growth yet to come. But really, a billion dollars has a lot, if not most, of that growth factored into the price already. Think of what they get, huge mindshare in a 30,000 person company with an established presence and sales channel throughout the world. They get that mindshare because that same company is one that has struggled to find the next big thing, the next huge thing that is going to change the landscape of enterprise IT. Well they’ve found it. And they’re going to get to work on making it happen.

OK, Now I Am a Bit Worried

SUN Microsystems just bought MySQL. I don’t know much about SUN internals, but I’m not sure how the company resolves being the primary developer of 2 differing DBMS’s. Since those are the top 2 open source DBMS’s (and there aren’t really any other ones out there, as I don’t count sqlite as a DBMS), there could be a real conflict of interest.

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