First Day at RMOUG

I had a great time at RMOUG today. I attended a lot of great sessions, even though I was a little late getting there this morning. I particularly enjoyed Daniel Liu’s 11g New Features for DBAs presentation. Read my post for more highlights.

RMOUG Training Days 2008 Starting

‘m in Denver now and it’s RMOUG Training Days time! The University Sessions were running yesterday and the conference itself starts today. I have heard a lot of good things about RMOUG and the conference is considered one of the best Oracle events in North America. I will be able to confirm it during the next two days but I have no doubt that it’s true. Keep an eye out for my RMOUG updates.

What Applications Are Good For MySQL Cluster?

Someone asked me what applications were good/bad for MySQL Cluster. As I’ve now actually had experience with a Cluster setup and a real-life application of it, and dug through the manual, I present a few characteristics of applications that will work with Cluster, and why they are so. if you have an application that meets some of the characteristics you can decide whether it’s worth it to use Cluster or not.

Source Controlling the Database Schema

The database schema really should be source controlled in the same place as the application code, because otherwise how do you know what changes happened when, and which version of the code goes with which version of the schema. The problem I have is this — being a purist (and by the way, *not* a programmer so there could very well be concepts I’m missing), I really want to source control the DDL/GRANT statements and whatever that are applied to the production database, because that way anyone can see exactly what was run, and I can do a schema backup and compare to the source controlled version.

From Down Under to Denver (RMOUG)

It is hard to believe that I leave here tomorrow to fly to Denver for RMOUG. I have been very fortunate to get selected give two presentations, one on Data Pump and the other on Oracle Application Server and LDAP. I am really looking forward to catching up with “my mates” in the Oracle community. I will send regular updates when I get to RMOUG.

The Value of Vendor-Neutral Database Certification

A company has come up with a vendor-neutral database certification exam. Some are wondering how much use this will be, as it doesn’t go into vendor-specificities. For me, it will be interesting to see if companies value a vendor-neutral database certification as they would a degree. It seems to cover the same topics, at least from my standpoint.

Cary Millsap is now blogging!

Please join me in encouraging Cary Millsap in making regular appearances on his new blog. Cary, my personal story – one of my first and most vivid memories of taking on a DBA role was when my mentor, Guy Arteau, bringing me a copy of your OFA paper with great awe and reverence and suggesting I study it carefully.

On Top, Down Under

As you may or may not know, I have been spending time in the Pythian Office in Sydney, Australia. In this post I share my experiences of what it is like to be from Ottawa, Canada but live and work in Australia (for at least a few weeks).

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