Handler_read_first MySQL Haiku

With this particular client, I ran a SHOW STATUS, waited 100 seconds, and ran it again. Handler_read_first jumped by about 53. So I wrote down in my notes: first in the index…every other second. Lots of table scans? As soon as I wrote it down I said, “That’s a haiku!” I counted syllables, and it works, but only if you pronounce “Every” with 3 syllables.

It’s Oracle patch time again

It’s yet again time for Oracle’s critical patch update (CPUJAN2008). The update will be released on Tuesday January 15, and as of yet there are no details on exactly what vulnerabilities have been found.

I’ve been blog tagged – you might be next.

I was blog-tagged by Doug Burns – in his post, I *hate* chain letters ….I hate them too, I literally never pass them on no matter what vile fate that condemns me to. But this one includes a chance to talk about myself without seeming too self-involved, and there wasn’t even a threat of eternal damnation if I don’t do it. So let’s proceed then! 8 things about me that aren’t common knowledge…

How to advocate for good backups!

I try to do a decent job of advocating for caring about good backups and business continuity strategies in my 7 Deadly Habits article. But this one beats them all, have a look for yourself, it too funny.

SHOW VARIABLES Shows Variables MySQL Does Not Know About

The listing of Dynamic System Variables on the MySQL Reference Manual’s page is supposed to show those variables you can change on-the-fly. The link at the top of this post, links to the 4.1 version of the manual, just in case folks are thinking I’m using a newer manual version. Mind you, I have this problem with 5.0.45 as well as 4.1.20.

Oracle Data Pump 11g: Little-Known New Feature

While perusing the Oracle 11g Data Pump documents recently, I noticed a new parameter that was introduced in Oracle 10g, but I had missed it there. The parameter is TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION, and it applies only to the Data Pump Import. Basically, this feature allows you to decide how to handle importing data if a table already exists. Let’s create a simple test case to demonstrate.

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