Does Oracle 11g’s Result Cache Scale Poorly?

In my previous blog entry, I explained why I would expect Result Cache not to scale well. Unfortunately, at the time that blog entry was written, I had no access to hardware with more than two cores. That left me in an everything-but-the-proof state. Since then, I got a chance to re-run my test cases on a quad-core CPU, moving one step forward. Here is what I got:

MySQL Checksum

This is another tool in the same toolkit as archiver. I just saw a great blog post on it at Documentation can be found at This is an invaluable tool for ensuring your replicated tables are staying in sync, something that MySQL replication does not do. Tables will drift and if you are dealing with…

Installing Oracle on Fedora 8

Apparently somebody who reads blogs regularly found one that said Fedora 8 bombed because he couldn’t install oracle on it. So I took on the challenge. I have to say installing Fedora 8 was the most difficult part of the challenge. The workaround given is to patch the with sed (!). The link in this post has all the gory details, but how do you do it for the oracle installer? The jre is compressed and there is no or any other .so to be found.. Here’s how in a nutshell…

Version Consistency

Everyone puts lip service to the concept of keeping versions consistent between servers but it is consistently one of the most broken best practices I see amongst my clients. The problems with such inconsistency are legion, and I’ll point out a few here. Mismatch between production and development: Development environments are often neglected, particularly when…

Metalink Note on Datafile Recovery Will Corrupt Database

Thinking I had something new, I wrote this article about recovering deleted files. However, it turns out Frits Hoogland had already blogged about recovery of deleted files on linux, as Frits pointed out in a comment on my blog, where he also mentioned a metalink note on this matter. The procedure outlined in the note describes how to recover the deleted file and put it in the same location as the deleted file. The problem is that it doesn’t include offlining/onlining the file, so the database ends up with two distinct copies of the file.

Installing Oracle 11g on Ubuntu Linux 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

After many requests from readers, I’ve put together new, revised version of the Oracle 11g on Ubuntu recipe. This new version is a little different than the first one published: it’s based on a bare-bones install of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) server version instead of the desktop version. As an improvement, I’ve tried to pare down dependencies to a minimal set. Your feedback is more than welcome — it’s the main reason why I wrote a new version of this HOWTO. I’ve also tested and repeated this procedure twice. Even so, it might still have problems, so please let me know so we can improve it 1.

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