Oracle LogMiner Helps Investigate Security Issues

This will help when you need to investigate some past changes to your database when auditing was not enabled. This doesn’t imply that you don’t need auditing. On the contrary, I see no reason not to use it in any and every database. However, often we get systems “as is” and we need a working method now and not the next time it happens.

Recent Pythian Academic Research

It’s not academic research about us, The Pythian Group, but rather about our inspiration for our company’s name, the actual young woman who was the Pythian priestess, the Oracle of ancient Greece who would give her pronouncements at Delphi.

Oracle Support Case Studies

As I was poking around metalink, I found the following extremely interesting section. It’s in a very obvious place, but it’s new, so many of you may have not noticed it. It’s called “Support case studies” and provides some amazing articles.

Log Buffer #14: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Welcome to the fourteenth Log Buffer, the weekly review of the database blogosphere. We start with a couple pieces on Oracle’s purchase of Sunopsis (news item on ZDNet), the latest in a series of purchases for them. On Andy on Enterprise Software offers Andy Hayler‘s analysis: Sunopsis’s Data Conductor product is superior to Oracle’s Warehouse…

Log Buffer #13: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Ronald Bradford has published the thirteenth edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of the database blogosphere. You can learn about Log Buffer and how to get in on the act, on the Log Buffer homepage. It’s good fun, and a fantastic platform for your perspective on the database scene. The schedule is quite open,…

Diagnosing Oracle Performance Problems on *nix

One day I came up with the following neat idea. Start a second listener, on a different port, calling it the emergency listener. Then renice the listener process with higher priority. Now, every time I connect to the database via my emergency listener, my connection gets higher priority, and thus feels like there’s no problem with the database’s resource use.

There is one little caveat however. You need to either have access to root, or have a nice SA that will add renice to your sudoers file .

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