AUSOUG – Post-Perth Sightseeing!

Man you can tell I’m a geek when my first inclination is to title this “Site Seeing”!When I left Ottawa it was snowing. Today was my first “off” day where I could spend time dong the tourist thing. I was going to go to Rottsnest Island, but did not get up and get going early enough. Instead I took the “Blue CATS” to “Woolys”. “Woolys” is the nickname for Woolworths, where you get groceries for the same price as in the suburbs. They also have a liquor store in them, so you can get all your essentials at one place. About 10 minutes from the Pier is the Perth Zoo, where I spent the day. I’m not sure what I will be doing tomorrow . . . because at this point, my feet are “knackered.”

AUSOUG – Day 2

Today was a much better day than yesterday. I managed to get more than eight hours sleep and felt very rested when I woke up. Plus, my bags finally arrived at the hotel while I was sleeping, which was especially fortuitous as my “EASY buttons” were in the suitcase. Last year I asked Connor McDonald if they had Staples in Australia. His reply was “Yes, and we have paper clips too!” So I brought him the famous (at least in our office) “EASY button” from Staples.

Tracking your Oracle client versions in 11g

I have recently stumbled upon V$SESSION_CONNECT_INFO view and discovered that it provides interesting information about client-side software and settings. Using this view in Oracle 11g you can simplify collecting some statistics about database clients. Here is what can be extracted.

Keeping a Lid on Oracle Licensing Costs while Ensuring Compliance

If this post seems a bit like an “advertorial”, please believe me — it’s not. Well, at least it’s not an advertisement for Pythian in any way. What it is, however, is a post about a longstanding business partner of Pythian’s who run a very useful service I think more of you should know about. Rest assured there is nothing “in it” for me or for Pythian for writing this.


It is now evening after the first day at the AUSOUG Conference in Perth, Australia. This is my first time attending AUSOUG, and I have found it much smaller and more personal than others I have attended. I was fortunate to present right after the opening session, so I could relax and enjoy the rest of my day. The exhibition hall was open all day, so I went there between sessions. No matter how many times I tell myself that I don’t need more stuff, I always find things at the exhibit hall that I want. Today, I picked up a red Red Hat hat.

AUSOUG: Getting There is Half the Fun… NOT!

For some reason, the advertising slogan, “Getting there is half the fun,” keeps going through my mind. Well, I certainly would not describe my trip to Perth, Australia as “fun”. I’m pretty tired. And, I’m presenting at the AUSOUG National Conference Series 2007 at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

Off to OpenWorld!

Just a quick note to say I’m leaving today for San Francisco to attend Oracle OpenWorld. I’ll be making my presentation on Thursday at 14:30, in Room 304. Look for IOUG: Oracle Database 11g –The Perfection of a Masterpiece (Session ID: S291070).

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