The good and the bad about bind variables, re-revisited in 11g !

It would not have been fair to show how Oracle 11g optimizer can now re-parse a query based on the execution statistics associated with a bind value compared to the previous executions of the same query with different bind values. It would not have been fair, to show you that without showing what happens when the second execution is faster that the first one, even with a sub optimal plan. This is what I’ll do now !

Basically, what is done in the example below it the opposite of what I’ve done in my previous post.

When 11g SQL is faster than 10g without any plan change…

To avoid being too far behind you guys that are already upgrading to 11g, I’ve decided to invest on 11g during the Beta Program. This has been a lot of fun and I wish I can share some of my findings with you. For example, did you know that 11g can go faster without any change at all ? The queries here will illustrate the change made to the Nested Loop Algorithm in 11g :

Oracle File Extent Map, the Old-Fashioned Way

Yes, I know, this subject of detailed extent map of the datafiles is a rather old one, and a few different solutions have been provided by several professionals, including the famous Tom Kyte. But none of the answers I found did exactly what I wanted, and therefore, I chose to write my own solution. OEM does provide this, but for a price — the Tablespace Map is part of the Oracle Tuning Pack — and I like the free stuff and the extra flexibility I have using queries.

Installing Oracle 11g on Ubuntu Linux 7.04

come from a MySQL background, and I have been given the challenge of learning Oracle. So I decided to install my own Oracle database, which I’ll be free to destroy in every way I can think of… and of course, free to bring it back to life. Recovering from crashes will probably be the most difficult part of my adventures in the Oracle world, but let’s take one step at a time, shall we? This tutorial was based on a document which can be found here. I have adapted it for Oracle 11g.

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