The First Miracle Open World: Day 2

In this post I’m going to concentrate on the second and last day of MOW. However, a few other events require dedicated coverage that I will need to do later. The start of the second day was conveniently moved to 9:30 instead of original 9:00. I feel that the organizers really did care very much about the attendees. The Water-Park party was total success and some enthusiasts as usual ended up at the Party House. I plan to cover the Water-Park separately at some point. Now let’s turn to the “useless stuff”.

The 1st Day at The 1st Miracle Open World

The Miracle Open World conference was opened yesterday by Mogens Norgaard. He started by disclosing the difference between other Oracle conferences. While normally you would expect 80% of the conference to presentations (or “useless stuff” to quote him) and 20% for social networking. The Miracle event leaves the rate of “useless stuff” at 20% and raises the social networking component to 80%, and last night I learned the secret how to do that. As usual, keep an eye on your RSS reader — more details should come tomorrow!

SIOUG 07 is Over, but MOOW 07 is Just Starting

First of all, I should say that the Slovenian Oracle Users Group Conference (SIOUG) has exceeded all my expectations. In fact, the SIOUG conference should probably be named our favourite. Why? Because Pythian had three full-blown delegates at SIOUG 07. I feel somewhat guilty that I didn’t blog anything during the conference, but I do have an excuse — it’s been so intense that I simply had no time. I’ve got to run now. Stay tuned for more MOOW!

From MySQL to Oracle: A Few Differences

I’m a MySQL DBA trying to draw a map of this new (to me) world called Oracle. The other day I was trying different things with Oracle, like (but not limited to) issuing kill -9 to random Oracle processes to see what would happen (on my own box of course!). I was a little surprised by the results. They’re probably no news for most of you guys, but it is new to me, and I’d like to share my findings with other MySQL guys around the planet.

Running RAC and ASM on Linux (Finally!)

Today, I installed RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 (OEL5), and I can tell you that there’s nothing exceptional about the process. The only trouble I encountered had nothing directly to do with the installation. Besides that, it’s all quite simple once 10g’s prerequisites are met. After an hour and a half, it was all wrapped up, at least for two nodes. I didn’t see anything revolutionary differences, but nonetheless there are some points worth mentioning.

SIOUG 2007

SIOUG conference should have around 500-700 attendees and it’s probably the biggest User Group gathering in Eastern Europe. The topics look very good so I’m afraid I won’t be able to slack there too much in favor of beach time and swim in the Adriatic Sea. Stay tuned for the full conference coverage.

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