From MySQL to Oracle: A Few Differences

I’m a MySQL DBA trying to draw a map of this new (to me) world called Oracle. The other day I was trying different things with Oracle, like (but not limited to) issuing kill -9 to random Oracle processes to see what would happen (on my own box of course!). I was a little surprised by the results. They’re probably no news for most of you guys, but it is new to me, and I’d like to share my findings with other MySQL guys around the planet.

Running RAC and ASM on Linux (Finally!)

Today, I installed RAC on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 (OEL5), and I can tell you that there’s nothing exceptional about the process. The only trouble I encountered had nothing directly to do with the installation. Besides that, it’s all quite simple once 10g’s prerequisites are met. After an hour and a half, it was all wrapped up, at least for two nodes. I didn’t see anything revolutionary differences, but nonetheless there are some points worth mentioning.

SIOUG 2007

SIOUG conference should have around 500-700 attendees and it’s probably the biggest User Group gathering in Eastern Europe. The topics look very good so I’m afraid I won’t be able to slack there too much in favor of beach time and swim in the Adriatic Sea. Stay tuned for the full conference coverage.

Miracle Oracle Open World, The First

If you heard something about Miracle Database Forum, you might already know what to expect. Those of you who have already been there once probably registered already. For the rest of you, keep clicking these links to read reviews of last year’s event in Lalandia, and even take a peek here.

Scheduling Backups in Oracle Grid Control 10g — Mon-Fri

The latest release of Grid Control ( at the time of this writing) is only able to schedule backup jobs with simple interval based on frequency (every month, week and etc). So if you want to schedule incremental backup from Backup Wizard – you will have to do a trick. First create this job using the wizard and then change its schedule. When you editing the job – more options are available. View the screen shots in this post

IOUG SELECT Journal Article and Future Plans

I’m a bit late with that “news” but I have the second article about Oracle 10g Grid Control Extensibility, published in Q3 2007 issue of IOUG SELECT Journal magazine. Few more words about my future plans.. At the end of September, I’ll be at Slovenian Oracle User Group Conference 2007, After SIOUG 2007, I’m planning to visit Laladia where newly renamed event Miracle Oracle Open World takes place, then off to the Australian Oracle User Group Conference 2007, and finally I’m heading to Birmingham for UKOUG 07. So this is it for 2007. I’m looking forward to see you on one of those events!

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