Siebel Customers to Choose Between Oracle and SAP

Oracle, currently in the process of acquiring the leading CRM (“Customer Relationship Management”) vendor, Siebel, is seeing some form of competition from SAP, who is offering to US companies running Siebel, a credit of up to 75% of their existing Siebel software licensing fees toward the licensing of SAP’s comparable CRM products.

Microsoft Announces Vitual Processor Licensing Strategy

Microsoft has introduced a new licensing policy, allowing CPU-restricted virtual machines to be created, and software to be licensed based on the CPU’s assigned to the virtual machine. This allows software licenses to be sold based on CPU’s actually in use rather than number of CPU’s physically present.

Oracle releases TimesTen in Memory Database Version 6.0

fter acquiring TimesTen Inc. in June, 2005 Oracle Press, oracle is now offering its first release of the TimesTen product, under the Oracle brand name. TimesTen is an application tier database, or an “in memory database”, targeting real-time and time-critical applications for industries such as national defense, telecommunications, and travel.

Oracle Acquires Siebel Systems for $5.85B

Although Siebel as an acquisition target was not included in Forrester Research’s analysis last month, it does make sense in the wake of Oracle’s other pushes in the CRM space. In the press release, Larry Ellison brags about the 4000 customers and 3.4 million users of Siebel Systems – Does it surprise anyone that it seems he may really have been after the customers and users, and not the technology?

BEA Succumbs to Multi-Core Pricing Pressure

BEA finally gave up on their multi-core pricing formula of charging a 25% premium for dual-core CPUs. Oracle is still holding out with their “every core is .75 CPUs and we’re rounding up” pricing model. Interestingly, The Register isn’t shy about coming right out and saying what most of us have been thinking for some time: “Oracle has become somewhat of a multicore pricing laughingstock”. Link to article.

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