VIP Dependencies Lifted in Oracle

Oracle CRS patchset brings long awaited removal of previously required dependencies of databases and ASM instances on a VIP. Actually, patchset lifted the requirement for dependency between ASM instance and VIP but not for database instances. In this dependency wasn’t removed by default. For those who don’t know…

MySQL Cluster and Codd’s Rule 11

Just a small thought to share. Oracle doesn’t really comply to the rule 11 of Codd’s 12 rules. It does have database links and tables can be grouped in different locations (databases) but it’s not possible to distribute a table transparently across several locations. MySQL Cluster, on the other hand, distributes rows of a table over different data nodes using hash function on the primary key and it’s transparent to the client so it conforms to the Rule 11 as opposed to Oracle.

The Dirty Dozen

Here’s the challenge. How do I post to both work and personal blogs and provide appropriate material for both? It’s not a problem I expected to face because most employers, at least where I’m from, wouldn’t entertain the idea of employees blogging on company time to the company blog, far less encourage it. Which is one of several reasons that I found myself choosing to work with Pythian.

Exploiting SYSDBA Invoker Rights Using Trigger on Database

This is a follow up on my previous post about SYSDBA keeping invoker rights when calling PL/SQL procedure. Working on the previous test case a bit more I figured that the same anomaly is observed with triggers. So here is one way to get your PL/SQL code called by a SYSDBA. In this case you need to be able to create trigger on database, i. e. need privileges ADMINISTER DATABASE TRIGGER and CREATE TRIGGER.

Cock & Lion Ale House

Doug Burns has spent 4 weeks in our Ottawa office and now he is back home to Madeline and boys. Yesterday, before he left, we had the lunch at Cock & Lion Ale House:

RMAN reports, or What Is the ETA of My Backup?

Over-the-Top Tales from the Trenches: Bringing order to the chaos of every day DBA life. Ever heard this during a recovery of a downed database? The poor thing has either a minor scratch, requires immediate attention, or is dead on arrival (DOA).

MySQL Recipes: Connections per hostname using Pager

Over-the-Top Tales from the Trenches: Bringing order to the chaos of every day DBA life. My aim in any posting is to make your job as a DBA in Oracle, SQLserver and MySQL easier. Ever wondered how to get a quick count of the number of connections per hostname from MySQL? Welcome to the arcane (but extremely powerful) world of the MySQL command line pager.

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