Pythian Activity at Collaborate 07

This year, there are three Pythian employees (Christo Kutrovsky, Alex Gorbachev, and Babette Turner-Underwood) going to Collaborate 07. All three of us ( will be presenting from the IOUG side. We provide our abstracts and presentation materials here.

Oracle Clusterware Install: “Invalid parameters”

So, you just installed the Oracle 10g clusterware, you just ran and got an error, you just went to metalink Note:316583.1 or Note:387691.1 the given interface(s), “eth0″ is not public, public interfaces should be used to configure virtual IPs, it just failed, and now you are relying on Google to help you with what Metalink couldn’t. Well look no more, and here’s the solution.

Oracle’s Tom Kyte on MySQL Error Messages and Sorting Rules

Those of you who, like we do here at Pythian, have the pleasure of supporting both MySQL and Oracle environments (among others) will definitely know who Tom Kyte is. In any event, reading his blog today I noticed that over the weekend he posted on an error message blurted out of a wordpress environment… something about how the “[MySQL server has gone away]”

Why Encryption didn’t Save TJX

I’m sure everyone has heard about TJX’s recent data security “problems”, if that’s what you can call “the largest known customer record theft of all time”. This eWeek article adds valuable details and analysis on how TJX had a data encryption.

Aligning ASM Disks on Linux

Linux is a wonderful operating system. However there are a number of things that one needs to do to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible. Today, I would like to share one of them. It has to do with using ASM (Automatic Storage Manager) disks.

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