What Happens When Active DB Duplication Goes Wrong?

There are many blog posts out there about active database duplication. However, they were all tested in an ideal environment or condition. What happens when a tablespace is created during the middle of active duplication and how to resolve the error? Read on if you would like to know. For my test case, I created…

SQL Server Integrity Check – A Necessary Routine

Today I’ll be discussing Integrity Check on SQL Server – we have some very good info in the community, but I’d like to summarize my thoughts here. When a DBA talks about Integrity Check, the conversation is usually redirected to one subject: CheckDB. And yes, we are going to talk about it in today’s post….

RMAN 12c : Say goodbye to your backup when dropping your PDB

Update: 09/March/2015 .- I wrote a second part and followed up on this on my personal blog RMAN 12cR1 : Say goodbye to your backup when dropping your PDB – Part II I was working on my presentations for IOUG Collaborate, and I came upon this strange behaviour in RMAN 12c ( which to me, shouldn’t…

SQL Server Statistics: Maintenance and Best Practices

What are Statistics? There are multiple paths a database can use to answer a query, some of them being faster and more efficient than others. It is the job of the query optimizer to evaluate and choose the best path, or execution plan, for a given query. Using the available indexes may not always be…

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