Pythian Bloggers Meetup Oracle Open World 2012

If you are into the social media and a database professional, you are sure to know that Pythian is really passionate about the bloggers of database technology. Pythian has been carrying the torch of Bloggers Meetup tradition at the Oracle Open World, and has done it again this year in San Francisco’s Jillian opposite the Moscone West.

What Should We Store on Hadoop?

The consistent message, both from Oracle and from independent data architects has been: “Hadoop will not replace Oracle. Each system has its strengths and they can be used side by side to offer wider range of data storing and processing possibilities”.

It seems that most professionals understood and agreed with this message, because this year the question I am hearing most is “Which data should we store in Hadoop and which in Oracle”.

I can’t claim to have the definitive answer, but I can offer some pointers and start the discussion.

Day Two At Oracle Open World 2012

With mesmerizing Oracle Asia Pacific reception and ACE reception in bag from day one, day two not only brought knowledge-packed sessions but also unstoppable praises for the team Pythian from customers, bloggers, speakers, Oracle professionals and general audience.

Oracle Open World Day 2

Some people call it day 1 but the user group forum on Sunday is so packed with information it is really day 1. The exhibit hall opened naturally on Monday and the chachka-hunters were out in force. I did my customary vendor hall walkabout with Greg for a bit and it was pretty much same-old same-old. I did not recognize all the booths but the ever-popular perennial vendors were everywhere to be seen. The evening was occupied by the Friends of Pythian event and it was well attended by colleagues, partners, and client representative.

Day One at Oracle Open World 2012

Yesterday night, under the backdrop of the magnificent Golden Gate bridge of San Fransisco, Oracle lived up to its name and honored the Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors from all across the world. Lillian and her team did a wonderful job of bringing together almost all the great names in the Oracle World, and it was really nice for me to put so many names to the faces.

All Your Eggs in One Basket – Thoughts on Pluggable Databases

I hope that by now you’ve all heard about the fun that is pluggable databases. Oracle 12c will allow you to have multiple databases within the same instance. It is not often that Oracle makes a major architecture change that opens new possibilities. As a consultant it is certainly exciting, I can now imagine new and better-than-ever solutions for my customers.

Day 1 at Oracle Open World Did Not Disappoint

The day was action packed with sessions and I presented my Oracle rman:Don’t Forget the Basics to an enthusiastic crowd in Moscone west. The room was close to full with some hanging out at the back. It has been a while since I have presented in a room so close to being full. There was a handful of questions and comments during the session and a group of attendees approached me to follow-up afterwards.

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