New versions of PgPool released – 3.1.3 & 3.0.7

This essential tool for Postgres architectures is continually improving, and is now available in its new releases. Both are bugfix versions. For those unfamiliar with the tool, it is a middleware with functionality as a load balancer, pooler*  and/or replication system for PostgreSQL databases. The 3.1.x versions are compatible with Postgres 9.x, whose streaming replication…

And They’re Off….

It’s day 2 of COLLABORATE, and I have no distractions like hockey to tend with today. I have seen a nice balance between new technology and the traditional offerings in the Oracle tech space. These user group shows, in some ways, are the bastion of the technologies which, as “old” as they may be, are still in use and of interest to many attendees.


Ah yes, the comfort of being around my second family: the user group and fellow Pythianites. I started my day with a BIG DATA session by Ian Abramson. I have heard quite a buzz about this topic for some time, and it’s getting louder. I always love to hear about the multi-terabyte data structures/databases as it reminds me of the first time I went from a 20Mb to a 40Mb hard disk on an 8086.

You Are Your Own Conference Committee

Whilst we all embark on this magical journey called “COLLABORATE”, keep in the back of your mind what this conference is all about. This event is driven by volunteers, 100% in their spare time, logging hundreds of hours altogether to make your experience as education-centric as possible. I started working conferences in the early 1990’s and have spent many years enjoying the fruits of my labor. It is a powerful way to spend your volunteer time-working alongside others with the single goal of making the event as worthwhile for the attendees as possible.

Collaborate 2012… And They’re Off

The thirsty attendees at this latest IOUG/OAUG/Quest show are keen. The registration lines were long, but no significant Oracle wait events. The show may officially kick off today, but the education began yesterday. Our very own Alex Gorbachev discussed HA all day in prep for a full week of education sessions. Yury has traveled all the way from Australia, and we’re glad he did. COLLABORATE often fights with one of my other passions – NHL playoff hockey. When you look deeper into both of these pastimes, they are remarkably similar.

MySQL Conference and Expo – 2012 and our company offsite

Last week was a huge week for PalominoDB.  I will admit to being cautiously optimistic about Percona taking over this conference – one of the biggest parts of the year for the MySQL community.  That being said, the conference was done quite well.  I really applaud Percona for making it happen.  In particular, the dot…

Exploring a new feature of 9.2: Index-only scans

We, like other Postgres DBAs worldwide, have been waiting for the 9.2 release for some time, specifically for the index-only scan feature, which will help reduce I/O by preventing unnecessary access to heap data if you only need data from the index. Besides 9.2 is still in development, it is possible to download a version…

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