Poll: MySQL on Debian or Ubuntu?

Nov 3, 2008 / By Keith Murphy

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I have put up a poll on my personal blog, Diamond Notes asking whether you prefer Ubuntu or Debian as an operating system for MySQL server. I am curious because I have seen a shift in the last year of Debian users to the Ubuntu distribution, and I would like to put some actual numbers to what I am seeing. (Please don’t vote if you use another OS or another Linux distribution, as I am strictly interested in the usage patterns of these two operating systems.)


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6 Responses to “Poll: MySQL on Debian or Ubuntu?”

  • Arjen Lentz says:

    For OurDelta downloads, Hardy and Etch are about the same right now.
    They also seem to be more popular than CentOS, but *that* is probably a warped statistic since people get CentOS packages from elsewhere also, whereas Ubuntu and Debian packages are rare to non-existent.

  • Pavel says:

    We prefer debian over ubuntu. We also started deploying Gentoo and are actually happy with it.

  • Joseph Engo says:

    Hands down Debian. Sure, its a little more out of date compared to all other distros, but its rock solid. I have been a long time Debian user and I sware by it.

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  • Brian says:

    I’m not a big advocate of any particular distro, to be honest, but I’d say if you’re going to run mysql on ubuntu, build it from source. I noticed when I tested mysql on ubuntu server that it had some kind of wacky distro-specific configuration going on that affected the startup and operation of the daemon. I don’t remember the details, but I seem to remember thinking that the maintainers added a custom user to the server (in the mysql table was my impression at the time), and I did not appreciate the alteration.

  • Brian — I’ve noticed that the default my.cnf on Ubuntu (and perhaps Debian too?) whose very last line is an include directive.

    But you don’t need to build from source to change that.

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