Pythian and Open Query Sponsor OSDC 2008 in Sydney

Dec 3, 2008 / By Alex Gorbachev

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We decided to join forces with Open Query in sponsoring the Open Source Developer’s Conference 2008 in Sydney that has just started. Here is Arjen’s blog post about it – you can find the details of his presentations there.

What’s Pythian has to do with open source? If you read this blog you already know that quite a few MySQL community leaders and active contributors are working at Pythian and I’m very proud to have such colleagues. You might also know that Pythian’s John Scoles maintains DBD::Oracle Perl package and that MySQL Monitoring Plug-in for Oracle Grid Control written by your humble servant.

So why did we decide to sponsor the OSDC this year? Initially, it was Arjen’s idea and many thanks to him for bringing it to my attention and joining with us. Pythian provides enterprise database management services and MySQL is one of our core expertise areas besides Oracle and SQL Server. I don’t think we should expect any new sales from sponsoring OSDC but supporting community has been also one of the top strategical priority for Pythian and comes with lots of satisfaction.

I’m very pleased that Paul Moen represents Pythian at the OSDC conference so please stop by our table and say hello to Paul and Arjen. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend as I’m in Birmingham this week presenting at the UK Oracle User Group Conference.

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