Pythian at SIOUG 07

Oct 9, 2007 / By Alex Gorbachev

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As promised in my earlier SIOUG post, here are the delegates of the The Pythian Group at the Slovenian Oracle Users Group Conference (SIOUG):

Junior was so proud when he got his badge. He spent an hour making a serious face and rehearsing how he would present himself — “Alex Junior Gorbachev, The Pythian Group!”

I should mention that two of these three delegates spent most of the conference at the seaside. Indeed, who else would try to represent Pythian at the beach? Nevertheless, they did attend few sessions and Alex Jr. even tried his hand at photojournalism:

Well, I guess he still needs to sharpen his photo skills.

Alex Jr. liked the conference so much that a few days later he prepared a presentation to his grandparents and bunch of other relatives. He did one in English and then one in Russian, and at the end he collected money from everyone. Interestingly, his fee for sitting places was higher than for standing ones. It seems that he will become a businessman rather than a DBA.

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