Pythian at UKOUG: Monday December 5

Dec 5, 2011 / By Marc Fielding

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For those of you attending UKOUG today, there is a healthy dose of Pythian presentations on tap this afternoon. Actually, you can do it wall to wall 2:30pm to 6:30pm if you like.

To note:

Exadata Hybrid Columar Compression – Leveraging it fully

2:30pm, hall 7A
Christo Kutrovsky

This presentation focuses on how to maximize one of the key features of an Oracle Exadata machine.

From operation aspects on how to perform maintenance, to designing your datawarehouse and ETL loads.

This presentation comes with both real world scenarios, and conceptual infromation.

Exadata I/O Resource Managment – Ideal Technology for Database Consolidation

3:25pm, hall 7A
Marc Fielding

Resource management is the key to effective consolidation of multiple applications. Prior to Oracle Exadata Database Machine, there was no way to manage the highest-contention database resource: I/O capacity. In this session, discover how I/O Resource Management (IORM) is designed to allow a high-concurrency consolidated system to achieve predictable response times, even during peak usage.

Database I/O Performance: Measuring and Planning

4:35pm, hall 1
Alex Gorbachev

As data volumes are growing exponentially these days, databases need to process more and more data in shorter amounts of time. Many disruptive technologies have also emerged such as flash-based storage, large server memory footprint, InfiniBand, etc. In such a rapidly changing environment, storage I/O performance tuning and planning easily becomes the task of applying best practices and “black magic” rules. In order to adopt a more sound, scientific approach to I/O performance diagnostics and planning, one needs to master the foundation – measuring I/O performance. This is exactly the focus of this presentation – practical I/O performance measurement and planning.

RMAN Setup Best Practices

5:45pm, hall 5
Michael Abbey

When setting up rman, there is a standard set of best practices that will make your life so much easier down the road. All the way from trapping the precious DBID for all databases, there is a plethora of options one must implement from day one.

Upon initial inspection, rman seems cryptic and many features too “new” to even consider implementing.

The roundtable format of this session will allow interaction between attendees and bring to light more best practices that one may have implemented that others were not even aware existed.

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