Pythian Bloggers Meetup Oracle Open World 2012

Oct 3, 2012 / By Fahd Mirza

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If you are a database professional and love social media, you are sure to know that Pythian is really passionate about the bloggers of database technology. Pythian has been carrying the torch of Bloggers Meetup tradition at the Oracle Open World and has done it again this year at San Francisco’s Jillian opposite the Moscone West.

Amidst blaring music, drinks, nibbles, lots of networking, sprinkling of technical gems, Pythian’s Love Your Data T-shirts and glasses signings, and of course the competitions, there was an atmosphere of openness, and everybody felt at home. Kudos to Vanessa Simmons of Pythian’s Marketing for arranging the event and looking after everyone.

Bloggers across the Oracle world and from Apex and of MySQL were present under one roof . Pythian’s founder Paul Vallee was also there to show his support. Alex Gorbachev, Angelo Di Clemente, Greg Leger, Christo Kutrovsky, Gwen Shapira, Jeremy Schneider, Michael Abbey, Fuad Arshad, Asif Momen, Doug Burns, Sheeri, Kellyn, Bjorne, Martin, Ed, Arup Nanda, Chet Justice, Tariq Farooq, Muhammad Pasha, Debra, Lillian, and many many notable bloggers and professionals were there.

Blogging fun goes on.

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