Pythian Goodies: Oracle Parallel Basics

Feb 27, 2007 / By Christo Kutrovsky

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As Doug Burns already mentioned, here’s another video from the Pythian Goodies project.

As usual, the Goodies are intended to be debates, so please post any questions or follow-ups with the relevant time-index from the video.

Featuring Doug himself, he discusses Parallel Basics. This video is a good introduction to using Oracle Parallel features and most importantly, what problems you may have with it. Topics discussed:

  • Basic Parallel Execution (PX) architecture
  • Degree of Parallelism and number of slaves
  • Instance configuration for parallel operation
  • Hints for Parallelism
  • Common problems
  • Dictionary queries for monitoring parallel operations

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P.S.: I love the moment that the thumbnail captured.

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